Transparency and General Information
The donation platform and mobile apps are run and operated by the non-profit corporation Lets ACT gUG, Niederwaldstrasse 3, 65187 Wiesbaden, Germany (hereinafter:
We process and use personal data collected upon visiting our websites according to the prevailing data protection and privacy laws and regulations and only to the extent that this is necessary for the intended purpose or any consent given by you.
In addition to this Privacy Policy, the Terms of Use and Donation Conditions are to be observed.

The Collection, Processing and Use of Data
Certain areas of are accessible to you without requiring any information from you about who you are or any entry of personal information. In order to access more advanced features such as ‘Donate money’ ‘Share project’ additional information will be required that will to allow us to identify you. We collect this information in order to process the transaction or to maintain your registration as a user at In order to add an organisation, project or volunteer search or a search for a company, you will first need to register as a user.
Some information will automatically be collected from your computer while you surf and saved in a log file – the server log. Your IP address, time and date of retrieval, browser version and type, operating system, prior and subsequent URLs, data amounts transferred and whether or not the retrieval was successful will all be saved.
This data will be used by without any specific reference to you, and exclusively for technical or statistical troubleshooting purposes as well as for platform optimisation and in order to amend, assess and improve our services and content. The IP address will only be saved temporarily for the duration of access, and any personal data regarding activities during the access duration or any other use will be deleted immediately upon ending the session, or blocked in cases where other retention times with respect to deletion are mandated by law or contract. The further use of the data, in particular the IP address, for statistical purposes will be carried out in an anonymised form, i.e. with a truncated IP address. Upon suspicion of illegal use or technical disturbances with respect to the security of the platform, reserves the right to evaluate and use existing data to prevent or address such activity.

Registration Process
When you register for the first time as a user, certain mandatory information required by such as your name, email address, and password will be collected and saved. This information is needed to permit use. We will use your name and your email address only for follow-up questions, the confirmation of donations, or if there is any new information of personal interest to you (please see Notifications and personal Newsletter). We may also use the above-mentioned obligatory information to amend, assess and improve our services and content. During the registration process, you will receive an email requesting you to confirm your registration information according to the instructions outlined in the email. All other information about yourself, including any other written information or other contributions (or photographs) on is voluntary (especially when using the ‘Edit Profile’ tool in your ‘’ account).
If, as a user, you register an organisation or a company, we also save your title and position as a representative of the organisation or company, as well as information provided by you about the organisation/company. If you register a project we will also save the information you provide, in particular the address, and for projects, the banking information of the beneficiary so that donations received can be remitted to them. This data serves as information for other users and potential supporters. It will be stored and published on – except the password and bank account information.

Financial Donation Process
Every contribution received via will be stored, processed, and used to comply with legal and in particular tax law requirements.
During the donation process, will use and process your name, company (if applicable), email address, postal address, the fundraising goal of your charitable donation, the time the donation was made, the amount of the donation and the mode of payment. We can also use this data to amend, assess and improve our services and content and to evaluate it for research purposes to optimize the addressing and acquisition of donors more efficiently. Furthermore, the IP address will be forwarded to the ‘Payment Service Provider’, who will use it to e.g. ensure the security of the payment.
If you as a user (whether registered or not) have made a comment about your donation, we will assume that you want your name and, if available, your picture, to appear publicly on the project page as a supporter. The default setting to display this data is therefore ‘Yes’ in this case. If you disable this feature or decide from the outset not to write any comments, this data will not be publicly displayed on You will then be able to support the donation goal anonymously to a certain extent: despite this, the collection, storage and use of data will take place in the same way for legal and tax law reasons. However, no data will be publicly displayed on
The donated amount will be displayed on the page of the fundraising goal after the donation process is complete. You can disable this setting as part of the comment function. If you do so, the amount will not be publicly displayed on
Please note that the person in charge of the fundraising goal you are supporting (project, organisation or fundraiser) can see your name (see below: disclosure of data). uses your name and your email address only for follow-up questions, the confirmation of donations, or if there is any new information of personal interest to you (please see below: Newsletter & Personal Notifications). processes and uses your postal address only for sending a confirmation of donations.
If you have submitted a declaration of consent within the scope of the use of the platform, the data contained in this declaration will be used for the specified purposes.
Under no circumstances will personal login information be saved or displayed on during the donation process. Under no circumstances will personal bank account information be saved or displayed on during the donation process. This data is only collected temporarily and transmitted directly and securely via a secure interface of the bank systems involved, solely for the processing of the transaction. Alternatively, the data is collected directly by the payment processor on its own website, to which you are forwarded to as part of the donation process.
Publication of Personal Information, Especially Your Entries about Projects, in Blogs and in Your Profile. survives predominately as a platform through the exchange of user information. All information furnished by you about yourself, your pictures, information about projects and blogs, or your comments, will be published on and thus accessible on the Internet.

Right to Information, Corrections, and Revocation
You have a right to know about the personal information that has been saved about you, a right to have incorrect data corrected, and have data blocked and deleted. If you would like information about what personal information has been saved about you in order to correct, block or delete certain information, or for other questions regarding the use of your personal data and information that has been supplied to us, please contact our data privacy officer via email (at: or send a letter (address: Lets ACT gUG, Data Privacy Officer (Datenschutzbeauftragter), Niederwaldstrasse 3, 65187 Wiesbaden).
If Lets ACT gUG use of your personal data and information is based on consent which you have given, you may withdraw such consent at any time for the future by sending us a letter to that effect to the following address: Lets ACT gUG, Niederwaldstrasse 3, 65187 Wiesbaden or via email at Regardless of any prior assent, you may generally also object to the use of your data by simply notifying us about this fact.

Deletion of your user account and your data
At any time, you can view all the data you provided during registration in your profile and edit it on your own.
At any time, you can request that your user account be deleted. To do so, send an email to with the subject line ‘Deletion of my user account’ or use the corresponding option on the platform.
If request that your user account be deleted, your personal data will be deleted, unless other retention times with respect to deletion are provided for by law, statute, or contract, or retention is required in order to conclude contractual performance, complete the donation process, or for other accounting and settlement purposes.
Your financial donation projects and fundraisers will not be deleted, provided they have already received donations, as well as your blog posts and other comments. In such cases, we will anonymise your name upon request.

Data transmission
Personal Data will not be transmitted to third parties, unless you have assented to this, or this is permitted and also necessary due to legal regulations, such as the Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz). This is the case, for example, for the purposes of the establishment, execution and handling of your user relationship, or when such transmission occurs for some other reason pursuant to ‘Other Rights of’.
By supporting a chosen fundraising goal (project, organisation or fundraiser) via your donation, you agree that the person responsible for this donation goal will be able to see your name as stated in the donation form so that they will be able to create a unique thank-you message (see: Newsletter & Personal Notifications) and pass this on to you via Under no circumstances should this message include commercial content.
By creating the thank-you message, the person responsible for this donation goal (project, organisation or fundraiser) agrees to the forwarding of their email address to you for the purpose of making direct electronic contact with you. This email address may not be used for commercial purposes under any circumstances without the express agreement of the affected party.
Provided that you have given the required consent within the scope of the use of the platform, we will release your information to the organisation you have selected as a donation recipient so that they can periodically send you information about his/their work and the progress of the project (e.g. newsletter). Your full name, company (if applicable), email, and address together with the donation amount, date and goal, donation requirements, information about whether it is a one-off or regular donation, and the frequency of any regular donations (monthly/annually) will be sent to the organisation.
If you have granted your consent within the scope of the use of the platform, the data will also be sent to the organisation you select as the requested donation recipient for statistical analysis in order to optimise their own fundraising. Your full name, company (if applicable), your email address, your address, date of the donation, time of the donation, amount donated, the channel used to make the donation (e.g. ngo-website), the submission of a thank-you message, requested donation recipient, total amount of your donations, type of donation (one-off or regular), the frequency of any regular donations (e.g. monthly, annually), language and information about whether you wish to receive personal messages (see Lets ACT newsletter & personal messages) will be sent to the organisation. may transmit the personal data of the project managers whose project content is used via the API interface on the websites of partners, to these partners for the purpose of contact between these partners and the project manager. Newsletter & Personal Notifications
If you have provided the corresponding consent during the donation process, during your registration, or in your user profile, we will occasionally send you an email informing you about current topics and other general news at ( You may stop the future dispatch of these news mails at any time by clicking on the corresponding link at the end of the email.
In order to keep you up to date about the progress of the project, organisation or fundraiser that you have provided support for, we occasionally forward news from the respective manager in charge to you via email. You may stop the future dispatch of these news mails at any time by clicking on the corresponding link at the end of the email.
In order to keep you updated about the progress of your requested donation recipient (project, organisation or fund-raiser), we will forward you occasional updates from the respective person responsible for the project by email. You may adjust the settings for the future receipt of notifications at any time in your user profile.
At the initiative of the person responsible for the fundraising goal you have supported (project, organisation or fundraiser), will pass a unique thank-you message on to you from the person responsible for your donation. Your email address will not be forwarded to the responsible individual.

Iframes on the Websites of Other Providers
Selected fundraising goals (organisations, projects and fundraisers) may also be supported using an embedded donation form (Iframe) on websites other than In these cases, your information will be transmitted directly to, as is normally the case. We will only pass your personal data on to the respective fundraising goal (organisation, project or fundraiser) in accordance with the provisions in ‘Data Transmission’. If a comment function is provided in the Iframe, you can choose whether your name, the donated amount and, if available, your picture should be published on the project page. If there is no comment function, only the donated amount will be publicly visible, but not your name or picture.

Cookies, Google Analytics, Open Rate und Click Rate uses cookies, which are either saved temporarily in the random access memory on your computer (‘session cookie’) or permanently on your hard drive (‘permanent cookie’). Cookies are files that are transferred from a website onto your computer while you call up and retrieve the Internet page. These files allow for a more efficient design and construction of our Internet page. At any time, you can prevent cookies from being saved as well as delete any cookies that have already been saved by adjusting the settings of your Internet browser.

Cookies From Google
This website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service operated by Google Inc. (‘Google’). Google Analytics uses cookies. The information generated via the cookie about your use of this website will generally be transmitted to and saved on a Google server in the USA. However, your IP address will be truncated in advance by Google within the Member States of the European Union or in the other states subject to the European Economic Area Treaty if IP anonymisation has been activated on this website. Only in exceptional cases shall the complete IP address be transmitted to a Google server in the USA and then truncated. On behalf of the website operator, Google will use this information to evaluate your use of the website, to compile reports about website activity, and to render additional services in connection with website and Internet use for the website operator. The IP address identified via your browser by Google Analytics will not be combined with other Google data. You can prevent cookies from being saved via the appropriate settings in your browser software. We would, however, like to call your attention to the fact that doing so may prevent you from being able to utilise all of the website’s functions.
Moreover, you can prevent Google’s collection and compilation of data (incl. your IP address) related to your use of the website generated by the cookie as well as Google from processing this data by downloading and installing a browser plug-in available at the following Link.
You can prevent data from being collected by Google Analytics by clicking on the following link. An opt-out cookie will be activated which will prevent your data from being recorded in the future when you visit this website: deactivate Google Analytics.
We would like to draw attention to the fact that the Google Analytics option has been activated on this website to ensure that IP addresses can be collected anonymously (see:
We also use Google Analytics to analyse data from AdWords and the double-click cookie for statistical purposes. If you do not agree with this, you can deactivate this using the Ads Preferences Manager (
We use Google’s Remarketing Technology. This technology is used to contact you again on webpages in the Google Partner Network using targeted advertising if you have already visited our website and were interested in the service. The adverts are displayed using cookies. They analyse the user’s behaviour when visiting the website, which is then used for targeted product recommendations and interest-based advertising. If you do not want to receive any interest-based advertising, you can deactivate the use of cookies by Google for these purposes by following this link: Alternatively, you can disable the third-party use of cookies by going to the deactivation page of the Network Advertising Initiative.
We use Google Analytics reports to evaluate according to demographic characteristics and interests. In the Google Analytics areas involving products and services according to demographic characteristics and interests, data and visitor data (e.g. age, gender and interests) obtained by Google via interest-driven ads is used by third-party providers for marketing purposes and the constant improvement of our offerings. This data cannot be traced back to a particular person. If you do not agree with this, you can deactivate this using the Ads Preferences Manager (
Further information about Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy is available at and at

Open Rate und Click Rate
An image for statistical evaluation will be inserted into the HTML portion of the newsletter emails sent by This image will provide with information on whether or not the email was opened. The HTTP links in the HTML portion of the email will be encoded such that is able to detect when links are clicked. When doing so, saves the origin of the link and the link destination of the HTML recipient for statistical purposes. If you do not wish to be included in this statistical evaluation, you can either adjust the settings of your email program to disable this process or object to it by cancelling your newsletter subscription. Cancellation of the newsletter/objection to statistical evaluation may be carried out by clicking on the link provided in the newsletter or by sending us an email (address: or a letter (address: Lets ACT gUG, Niederwaldstrasse 3, 65187 Wiesbaden) to that effect.

Integration of Third-Party Services and Content
Third-party content, such as videos from YouTube, map material from Google Maps, RSS feeds, or images from other websites, may be integrated into this platform. This always involves the provider of this content (hereinafter: ‘third-party provider’) obtaining your IP address. This is because they would not be able to send the content to your browser without your IP address. Hence, the IP address is necessary in order to display this content. strives to use only such content whose corresponding third-party provider uses the IP address solely for the purposes of delivering the content. However, we have no influence over whether the third-party provider saves the IP address for statistical purposes, for example. Where we are aware of this, we shall inform you accordingly.

Logging in with Facebook
You also have the option of authenticating yourself on our website by providing your Facebook profile information from your Facebook user account (‘Facebook login’). An additional registration is then no longer necessary. You will then be forwarded to Facebook’s website for registration/login. By doing so, your Facebook profile will be linked to our service.
If you decide to register and/or log in using your Facebook user account, will receive access, from Facebook, to your first and last name, your email address, your profile photo, your gender, your language, and to your friends list on Facebook via this interface.
Lets ACT will also save this information in your user profile, with the exception of the friends list. The user can then edit this information in his user profile.
Of the information contained in the friends list, Lets ACT uses only the number of friends. uses all the data mentioned above it receives from Facebook for the purposes of your contractual relationship as a user. In this context, uses your name and your email address only for queries, for donation confirmations, or if there is personal news for you (see Newsletter & Personal Notifications). may also use the aforementioned data to adapt, evaluate, and improve its services and content.
For more information on Facebook logins and privacy settings, please refer to Facebook’s Data Policy and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.
If you do not agree to the sharing of your information in this fashion, you should not use the Facebook login.

Links to Websites of Other Providers
Links to other Internet sites may be placed on’s site, in particular from cooperation partners. is not responsible for any content contained on these sites nor for the compliance with any data protection regulations by third parties on their sites.

Other Rights of reserves the right to use, retain or disclose personal information in such a form that is legally required in order, for instance, to reasonably investigate user complaints or possible violations of the law, protect the integrity of the Internet site, answer your questions and inquiries, or provide requisite support and assistance as prescribed by law within the context of state and government investigations into legal violations.

Status of this Privacy Policy and Amendments; Data Privacy Officer
This Privacy Policy is valid from November 2017 and is currently valid. We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time in compliance with legal regulations at our sole discretion, especially to modify them in order to comply with legal or technical changes. Such updates will be posted on our website 30 days before they take effect. At the same time, registered users will also be informed of the upcoming changes via email. Hence, we kindly request that you check our website regularly for updated versions.
For any suggestions or questions regarding the collection, processing and use of your data by, feel free to contact our data privacy officer at any time:

Lets ACT gUG
– Data Privacy Officer–
Niederwaldstrasse 3
65187 Wiesbaden


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